Coaches Information

Please remember to indicate if you are wishing to possibly coach for the upcoming season during the player registration process.

Depending on the age level and skill level you coach at, along with if you are a head or an assistant coach, there are certain recommended certifications that are needed to participate in leagues, provincial and national tournaments.

Respect in Sport (RIS)

All active, registered coaches and activity leaders within Sask Sport’s provincial sport membership are required to complete the program.

Respect in Sport (RiS) for Activity Leaders is an online educational program to assist coaches and sport leaders in identifying abuse, bullying, harassment and neglect in sport. Sask Sport Inc., along with the support of the Saskatchewan Government, has launched this required program for Coaches in the province to help to provide a safer and more respectful sporting environment for all to participate. The online training program is provided free of charge for all users.

If you have never taken the course, you may access the online module here: Respect in Sport

If you have taken Respect in Sport through another sport, you must link your existing certification to the Saskatchewan Baseball Association. Please follow the steps below.

All coaches must register on the Sask Sport RiS website to confirm the Respect in Sport certification. If you have completed the Respect in Sport through a different sport or organization click on the link to “Import a Certificate”. When filling out the registration information please ensure you select “Saskatchewan Baseball Association Inc.” in the list of associations. This will automatically transfer your information to SBA. If you already have an account on the Sask Sport RiS website and you get a message that your certificate number is already registered the issue is that you do not have Saskatchewan Baseball Association selected in your list of associations. Log in to your account and click on PROFILE at the top of the page. Then click on “ASSIGN PROFILE TO OTHER ASSOCIATIONS” to ensure Saskatchewan Baseball Association is checked off on your list. Make sure to also hit the “SAVE NOW” button at the bottom of the page. If SBA is not checked off in your list of associations we will be blocked from accessing your information. This means you will continue to get flagged every year even if you have completed the training. To look up your Respect in Sport certificate number please use the following link:

NCCP Certification

The Baseball Canada NCCP is designed to provide valuable and accessible resources and training to coaches who are working with children in Community Sport and Introduction to Competition level baseball programs. At a minimum, there are online modules coaches are required to complete, before coaching at any level.

All online modules and in-person clinics can be accessed or registered for through

To see what certifications are required to be a coach for the 2021 Baseball Sask Provincials, please click the link.

NCCP Certification has changed as of Jan 1, 2021, please see the NCCP Transfer Plan for more information on the correlation between old and new.